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Submit an Event Request(Help?)
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  • APASS/NASS/Kohl House
  • Arlington Park Apartments
  • Arts Annex
  • Belford Residence Hall
  • Ben Nighthorse Campbell Center
  • Bishop-Lehr Field
  • Bond Residence Hall
  • Brown Residence Hall
  • Butler-Hancock Hall/Sports Pavilion
  • Butler-Hancock Playing Fields
  • Candelaria Hall
  • Carter Hall
  • Cassidy Hall
  • Centerra Extended Studies Center/Loveland
  • Cesar Chavez Cultural Center/ Patton House
  • Colorado Springs Extended Studies Center
  • Crabbe Hall
  • Cranford Park
  • Decker Residence Hall
  • Dickeson Residence Hall
  • Doubenmier Field
  • Foundation Hall
  • Frasier Hall
  • Garden Theater
  • Gordon Residence Hall
  • Gray Hall
  • Guggenheim Hall
  • Gunter Green
  • Gunter Hall
  • Hansen-Willis Residence Hall
  • Harrison Residence Hall
  • Holmes Dining Hall
  • Jackson Field
  • Judy Farr Center
  • Kepner Hall
  • Lawrenson Residence Hall
  • Lowry Extended Studies Center/Denver
  • Lujan Residence Hall
  • Marcus Garvey Cultural Center /Davis House
  • McKee Hall
  • Michener Library
  • North Residence Hall
  • Nottingham Stadium
  • Parsons Hall
  • Recreation Center
  • Ross Hall
  • Roudebush Cottage
  • Sabin Residence Hall
  • Scott-Willcoxon Hall
  • Skinner Music Library
  • Snyder Residence Hall
  • South Residence Hall
  • Tobey-Kendel Hall
  • Turner Green
  • Turner Residence Hall
  • University Apartments
  • University Center
  • Visitors Center
  • Wiebking Residence Hall
  • Wilson Residence Hall
  • Young House

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